Annunciation STREAM Program

STEM + Religion + Arts = STREAM

GOAL: To prepare students for a 21st century world. Through creativity, technology, and research, the STREAM Initiative encourages children to test, explore, expand, or completely change thoughts and approaches for real-world challenges.



  • Interdisciplinary learning that integrates all the STREAM disciplines for a holistic approach to learning.
  • Inclusion of hands-on, project-based activities that require and develop high order thinking and problem-solving.
  • Increased use of science kits, real-world math, integrated engineering, and the design process.
  • Specialized, substantive extracurricular programs including Robotics, Invention Convention, Arcade Academy, art and music workshops, Lego Engineering Club, STREAM themed book clubs, and technology-based student publications.
  • Increased emphasis on technology integration.
  • Infusion of Catholic teaching and moral responsibility throughout the learning process.
  • A strong community connection to learning including partnerships with science museums, medical facilities, engineering schools, businesses, art galleries and more.


A critical element of the STEM/STREAM model is professional development for teachers. Annunciation teachers have already begun specialized training in the STEM disciplines as well as interdisciplinary teaching, design process and problem-based learning. Their training will continue throughout the summer and throughout the next school year. To complement this initiative, Annunciation is also forging educational partnerships in our community to enhance student learning opportunities and professional development for teachers.

Annunciation is moving full STREAM ahead to provide an education unlike any other, one that prepares students for a very bright future.