Annual Appeal

2019-2020 Annual Appeal

Behind every act of generosity, there is a story! Most schools depend on their alumni support and Annunciation has no alumni. The first 8th grade graduates will not begin to support our Annual Appeal until the year 2025 or later. Whether you are inspired by being a supporter of Catholic education, celebrating a milestone, honoring a loved one, or just excited about what is happening at Annunciation, your reasons for supporting our school will touch lives and ignite that same spirit throughout the Annunciation community. Your gift will help create the stories for generations to come.

With your financial support we can bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost to educate. The gap per student is $1,800 for a total of $293,773, which amounts to 25% of our operating budget. We could narrow this gap by raising tuition, increasing class size or cutting programs, but none of those options are good for families or for the quality of our educational program. That is why we turn to you, our shareholders, to help us continue providing a quality education at an affordable tuition. As you consider a gift, keep in mind the cost of the Special programs that are instrumental in helping us achieve our mission. Regardless of size, every donation ensures that we raise the necessary funds to support our student programs. Annual Appeal gifts range from $10 to $10,000. Pledges can be paid monthly, quarterly, or in one lump sum. Choose how your donation can impact a student.

How do we make our donation?

Click this link for a One Time Donation

To learn more about our efforts and to make a donation please contact Keli McCann at or call (480) 361-8234 ext. 8112