Applying to Annunciation

New Students

Annunciation accepts new students to grades K-8 for the upcoming school year during priority and open admissions periods. Priority Kindergarten admission begins in the fall, while priority admissions for grades 1-8 begins mid - January, followed by open admissions to the public in early February.

In addition to completing the online student application and online payment of the application fee of $200 (plus processing fee of 3.75%), the student's birth certificate and immunization records must be submitted. Students entering Annunciation in grades 1 - 8 must also submit current transcripts for evaluation.

Transfer Student Admission

Annunciation offers mid-year admission to transfer students who meet the necessary requirements. A completed student admission application with the $200 per student application fee and birth certificate must be received for consideration. Teacher recommendations and academic records must be submitted and placement testing may be required. Up-to-date immunization records must be received before student may start class. Students applying to Annunciation are encouraged to shadow for a day in their prospective class. 

Note for all incoming students: admission to a Catholic school is contingent upon having met all financial obligations at your previous school. 

New student Application for 2021-2022

Returning Students

Parents of returning students will have an Opt Out period to notify the school if they will not be returning for the next school year. After which they will be billed the re-enrollment fee of $100 per student to their Smart Tuition account in their March billing. Returning families will be notified when they must complete the online enrollment forms in RenWeb. 

Note: Returning student must have tuition account current.

Admission Timeline

November 16 - 30:
1. Priority admissions for incoming Kindergarten siblings of current Annunciation families.
2. Priority admissions for incoming Kindergarten students of current active parishioners of St. Gabriel's, St. Rose, and Our Lady of Joy.

December 1:
1. Open Kindergarten admissions for incoming Kindergarten who are active parishioners from other diocesan parishes.
2. Open Kindergarten admissions for non-Catholic Kindergarten students.

Grade 1-8 Admission Timeline

January 15 - February 2 :
1. Priority admissions for Current Students Opt Out only. Re-enrollment fee of $100 to be billed in March tuition billing. (email will be sent to all parents).
2. Priority Admissions for siblings entering grades 1 - 8.
3. Priority Admissions for students of active registered families of St. Gabriel’s, Our Lady of Joy, and St. Rose parishes entering grades 1 - 8.

February 3:
1. Open Admission for active, registered Catholic families at parishes within the Diocese of Phoenix.
2. Non-Catholic families.

Active Parishioner Status

All families who are registered, active parishioners of the Catholic Church are eligible for the Active Catholic Tuition rate. Active parishioner status is determined by the pastor of each parish and usually includes, but is not limited to, weekly attendance at Mass, tithing, and participation/volunteerism in parish events. Please contact your parish office with any questions. If you are a member of a St. Gabriel’s, St. Rose, and Our Lady of Joy, the school office will verify your active parishioner status directly with your parish office. If you attend any other Catholic parish, have your church complete the Verification of Active Parishioner Form. Only one form per family required.