Learn about Tuition Tax Credits with CEA

Use your tax dollars to keep Catholic Education Affordable for all!

By redirecting your state tax dollars to a qualified student tuition organization (STO) program, you help keep the cost of tuition down for our families.

Watch the video below to see how it works. Then visit Catholic Education Arizona to learn more and make your donation!

Did you know that 71% of Annunciation Catholic School families receive some level of tuition assistance through tax organizations such as CEA."As a parent at Annunciation Catholic School I want to personally thank you for redirecting your tax dollars to our school. This school has been an amazing experience for my entire family. One of the biggest hurdles for people redirecting their tax dollars to Annunciation Catholic School is understanding how the Arizona Tax Credit program works.  This program is REALLY easy to understand if you have a few moments to learn about it. Please, take a few moments to understand how CEA works because so many deserving local families will benefit from your efforts to redirect your tax dollars to our school."  

The State of Arizona through Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) provides Arizona taxpayers a unique opportunity to direct a portion of their state tax dollars to support Annunciation Catholic School, providing much needed scholarship assistance to those of our students who would otherwise be unable to receive a Catholic education.

The dollar amount you designate to Annunciation Catholic School through CEA reduces your Arizona state tax liability by an equal amount with no out of pocket cost to you. Additionally, you are able to deduct this amount on your Federal return if you make the contribution on or before December 31.

Please take the time to learn how to redirect your tax dollars to Annunciation Catholic School by visiting Catholic Education Arizona.