Covid-19 Update for the 2020-2021 Athletic School Year

The CYAA Advisory Board discussed the organization’s direction this fall.  Many factors were taken into consideration as the group debated the safety and readiness of our schools to engage in fall sports.  After careful consideration, the Board voted unanimously to postpone the fall season.

Understanding that our goal is to ensure the safety of all students and the adults who work with them, the Board felt that postponing our fall season was the most prudent course of action.  It was also unanimously agreed that we would monitor the pandemic situation over the next few months to better understand the options for winter and spring sports.

In this unprecedented time, there are no guarantees, but we are hopeful that the winter and spring will allow us to conduct our sports in some form.  The Board will also examine the individual sports and potentially adjust which sports will be provided in winter and spring if safe to do so.

We understand this may be a disappointment to many students and families and hope that each school will provide all students with some sort of physical activity to remain healthy.  We pray that this pandemic will subside, and we bring our schools and athletic programs back stronger.


Domonic Salce

Interim Superintendent

Catholic Schools Office


The mission of the Annunciation Catholic School Athletic Program is to provide a positive and supportive environment that offers students in grades 5-8 the opportunity to enjoy the experiences of athletic competition, and to develop the skills necessary to participate in competitive sports while enriching the educational and personal experience of our athletes.


Annunciation Catholic School believes that athletics are an essential component to the school's academic program. The athletic program offers unique opportunities outside the classroom to promote self-discipline, improved self-image and encourage a healthy sense of competition. The development of these principles leads to athletic and academic success and promotes character development that supports person, social, and career success later in life. The ultimate objective of the program is for the athletes to improve their skills while learning sportsmanship and having fun.


Annunciation Catholic School is a member of the Catholic Youth Athletic Association, Diocese of Phoenix. Click the link to view the C.Y.A.A handbook.

  • All student athletes and their parents are required to read the sports handbook and submit the required athletic forms which include the permission and medical release forms to the school office.
  • Athletic fee of $135 per student, per sport will be charged to the family Smart Tuition account.


2020-2021 Director of Athletics:

Mrs. Keli McCann

For more information please contact the school office at (480) 361-8234 or email




Girls in grades 5 - 8 are eligible to participate in the Annunciation girls’ athletics program in conjunction with the Catholic Youth Athletics Association (CYAA).

Annunciation participates in the following sports for girls: volleyball and basketball.


Team Accomplishments:

2017 - 3rd place, CYAA Small Schools Girls 7th/8th Grade Volleyball Tournament Championship.

2018 - 1st place, CYAA Small Schools 7th/8th Grade Girls Volleyball Tournament Championship


Boy's Athletics

Boys in grades 5 - 8 are eligible to participate in the Annunciation athletics program which operates in conjunction with the Catholic Youth Athletics Association (CYAA).

Annunciation participates in the following sports for boys: flag football, basketball, and baseball.


2017 - 2nd place, CYAA Small Schools 7th/8th Grade Boys Basketball Tournament

2019 - 3rd place, CYAA Small Schools Boys Soccer Tournament