Student Uniform Policy

All students are required to wear the approved school uniform. Clothing purchased from retail stores is not uniform. If a child comes to school and is not dressed according to policy, the parents will be notified in writing.

Educational Outfitters is our primary uniform vendor and offers online only purchasing. They provide all uniform pieces including PE and spirit wear. They embroider the ACS logo on polos and jackets, etc. Dennis Uniforms offers online shopping as well as in store shopping. They are located at 3645 E Indian School Rd #1, Phoenix, AZ 85018. Dennis offers the basic items, including the girls plaid, basic polos and sweatshirts with iron-on logo. Follow the links below to visit their websites.



Dress Code Requirements


  • Uniform jumper, skort and skirts in Douglas plaid only.
  • All girls grades 5-8 must wear approved skirts only.
  • All girls must have at least one blue uniform shirt for yearbook portraits and special group pictures.
  • Green or royal blue uniform polo shirt with school logo on front. Light blue for 8th grade only Mass days.
  • Navy blue or black bike shorts must be worn under all skirts & jumpers.
  • Full length leggings in Navy blue or black only may be worn in winter, no lace or decoration.
  • No capri length leggings at any time.
  • Girl’s tights must be white, navy or black.
  • Uniform girls white peter pan blouse may be worn under jumper for K-4.
  • Uniform skirts/skorts/PE shorts should be no higher than 1” above the knee both in back and in front.
  • No make-up of any kind.
  • Girls’ hair must be trimmed so that it does not hang in the eyes.
  • Temporary hair dyes are not permitted.


  • Green or Royal Blue uniform shirt with school logo on front.
  • All boys must have at least one blue uniform shirt for yearbook portraits and special group pictures.
  • Uniform khaki pants or shorts, approved styles only, must be purchased at Annunciation or Educational Outfitters.
  • Belts-Solid black or brown required.
  • Socks are required: solid color white or black only no logos, stripes, patterns or designs. Socks must cover the ankle.
  • Boys’ hair must be kept cut in traditional boys’ short hair styles--hair must be trimmed around the ears so that hair does not hang over the ears, on the forehead so that it does not hang in the eyes, and in the back to a length short enough so that it does not touch the shirt collar.
  • Temporary hair dyes are not permitted
  • Piercings (including ears) and nail polish are not allowed for boys.

General School Dress Information

  • All uniform pieces must fit appropriately. All plaid she be with in an inch of the knee. Boys pants and shorts should fit with room to move.
  • Shirts MUST be tucked and appearance neat.
  • Shoes: Leather Mary Jane shoes or athletic sneakers that fasten only. No shoes with heels or wheels. No boots. No Sandals. No slip-ons.
  • Please make sure shoe fasteners are in working order (laces, buckle, Velcro). No lights, please, as they cause a distraction.
  • Socks are required: solid color white or black only no logos, stripes, patterns or designs. Socks must cover the ankle.
  • Sweatshirts, hoodies and cardigan sweaters with school logo. (Sold at ACS school store, Educational Outfitters, Dennis Uniforms, only.)
  • Only ACS sweatshirts/hoodies and cardigans may be worn in class. All other outerwear is not permitted in class and will be stored appropriately.
  • No long sleeve non-uniform shirts under the school short sleeve polo.
  • Spirit shirts: All students should wear spirit shirts for field trips and special school events. Spirit shirts are sold at at Educational Outfitters and gently used sold in the ACS uniform store.
  • Earrings – Girls only, single piercing in each ear. No hanging earrings for safety reasons.
  • P.E. uniforms are required for 5th grade and up. They are optional in 4th grade. P.E. uniforms are available through Educational Outfitters and gently used ar sold at the ACS uniform store. They must fit appropriately.
  • On P.E. days (excluding Mass days), students will wear their P.E. uniform for the entire school day. No change of clothes required.
  • Non-uniform day requirements: Even when dressing out of uniform, students are expected to dress modestly and appropriately for school. The following are not allowed at any time in school: T-shirts with written message or characters, short shorts or cut-offs, spaghetti straps or tank tops, soiled or torn clothing, open-toed shoes, boots or high heels. Length of shorts/skirts must still adhere to uniform policy.
  • Hats recommended for recess and field trips: bucket hat with school logo and baseball cap with school logo can be purchased only through the school uniform store.
  • No tattoos, distracting jewelry, or piercing, other than ear piercings. Any jewelry considered a safety hazard or distraction by an ACS staff member will not be allowed.
  • No fad or distracting hairstyle or hair coloring is permitted.
  • No holes in clothing or frayed edges are permitted.

Please view the student handbook for more information regarding appropriate hairstyles, jewelry, etc.

Field Trip attire will vary according to the purpose and location of the field trip. The teacher will indicate the attire on the permission slip.

At any time, the administration reserves the right to make determinations regarding the appropriate dress of students. Parents will be notified and are expected to correct improper uniform dress before the student will be allowed back to class.

Thank you to all families for following the Annunciation dress code.