Boxtops for Education

Did you know that you can earn funds for Annunciation by simply taking part in the Box Tops for Education Program? 
It’s such an amazing program that assists schools in increasing their funds.  The funds that are earned can then be used and put towards something the school needs.
Here’s what we need you to do:
1.) Download the Box Tops for Education app and select ACS as your school of choice.  Then, whenever you purchase groceries, simply scan your shopping receipt and any items that were purchased with the Box Tops label on them will earn funds that go directly to Annunciation.  
2.) Box Tops is currently doing all they can to go digital, so the app is the easiest way to earn money for Annunciation. However, there are some Box Tops items out there with the “Old School” label.  If you cut out the unexpired label and send it to the school office, those may also earn more funds for our school.
3.) Do you find that you just don’t have the time to scan your grocery receipt?  No problem!  Just send in your grocery receipt and we would be happy to scan the receipt in for you.  Should you have any questions, or need any further assistance with the Box Tops for Education Program,  please feel free to reach out to Megan Connell (the second grade teacher and Box Tops coordinator). 
Thank you for helping to support Annunciation and the Box Tops for Education Program.

Parents you can win too! Just register at BoxTops for Education and you can receive coupons, enter sweepstakes, download a bonus app and earn more money for our school!.