ACS School Store

The Annunciation School Store started 4 years ago with just 8 students, 1 parent and a cart selling snacks and logo items after school! Today we have our own building, 17 student sales associates & 4 parent volunteers and the store is open before & after school!

The store is multifaceted as it serves the school in 3 ways. The first is as an entrepreneurial program for middle school students to learn the many facets of running a business while earning school service hours. The second is as a convenient and inexpensive way for parents to purchase gently used uniforms all year long. Lastly, the profits from the store go back to the school to help keep tuition costs down.

To become an associate, each year in August students in grades 6 -8 must fill out an application and interview with the Supervisor of the program. Every student has an opportunity to work multiple shifts, use the ipad cash register, sell, stock and do monthly inventory. Each month one student is the store manager with responsibilities that include creating the schedule, choosing an item/service that generates profit and unique marketing. There is a meeting once a month where the students go over various aspects of the store's business, learn about a business related topic and a local business person comes in as a guest speaker. At the end of the year, some students are awarded gift card prizes for excelling in different aspects of the business. The store has a small budget to purchase items to sell, but all uniforms and some snack items are donated. If you are interested in volunteering, speaking or donating to the school store, please email