Welcome to Annunciation Catholic School, the newest school in the Diocese of Phoenix!

Now in our 5th year, we have grown a great deal from the two classrooms we started with in 2009. Every year has brought changes to ACS, and this is a banner year for that! New students, new staff, new building, new grounds, new programs  . . . here are the major additions to ACS this school year:

  • Kindergarten!
  • Sixth grade!
  • More students!
  • New temporary building that houses K-3 and the main office.
  • New fenced playground, including play structure and grass field.
  • New teachers and assistants
  • New positions: part-time nurse, counselor, receptionist and tech support.
  • Enrichment program.
  • Competitive chess team – The ACS Chess Kings.
  • iPads to supplement our laptop carts.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for grade 6 to allow all 6th graders access to a laptop or iPad throughout the school day.

Each school year I am amazed at the growth of our little school that isn’t quite so little anymore. Despite our growth in size, however, we are committed to retaining the happy, family atmosphere that has permeated our school since its inception. Last year we adopted a school motto, and it continues to guide us – “All Are Welcome In This Place.”

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Sharon H. Pristash, Principal